From industry regulators to senior level decision makers to practitioners, the conference gives your business the perfect platform to:

  1. Educate the market and raise awareness on your product and its offerings
  2. Keep abreast with the latest developments in this legislative landscape
  3. Establish yourself as a preferred partner provider to an audience that is hungry for solutions

When you partner with Corpolinx events, you can be sure that you are being delivered an organic audience that is spending to attend to seek knowledge and market solutions. Unlike competitive events, Corpolinx never “guests” to portray inflated delegate numbers that may or may not be relevant.

Sponsors can be sure that their brand will be seen at a well-received event that is handled by Corpolinx’s incredibly professional and experienced team working round the clock tracking industry news for latest content; inviting guru speakers; and thoroughly researching delegate profiles that receive our targeted marketing messages at spaced intervals.

Corpolinx will only sell to believers. We will never push to sell to you, and will only encourage your involvement if YOU can see the value in being involved.

Please request the event Post Show Report to get a more in depth look at the make-up and details of the previous shows.

Please ring Maliha on 0467023502 or email maliha@corpolinx.com today to discuss how we can work together towards a winning partnership.


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